How long are follow blocks & like blocks lasting?

Been manually following competitor accounts and got hit with a follow block about 4 days ago. Was just wondering if anyone has any experience with how long these tend to last for.

Any help is appreciated!


They usually last 24 hours the first time you receive them, however they can be extended to weeks and even months if you continually abuse the system without remorse. The longest block I’ve seen lasted 6 months, so be careful!

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Hi everyone,
does anyone know how long a like & comment block is lasting after the 2nd “warning” from IG . The first warning was this:

… and after some actions (less than 20 follow actions) a similar one occured and since then (10 days) the acc. is not able to like and comment.

Anyone knows how long this last usually?

Thank you for the info :slightly_smiling_face:

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Untill now, i did not find out any link between a recent “AC” on my accounts, and a Follow block after “X” actions.

I mean, some got blocked again pretty fast after AC, some not. I don’t even rest them more than 48 hours anymore :slight_smile:

Just warm-up very slow again. Eventho, still testing on many acc to find the secret sauce


Okay, thank you for your input @denis1

I was not specific enough, so be more clear about that:

  • I had a client and the acc. got a like-block many 2 months ago. That is why I stopped all likes (I did only story views+f/u)
  • After the recent IG updates, she got the notification as shown above. She changed the password, I rested the acc. for some days and then I started with 5 follow actions again.
  • After another 3 or 4 days she got again the “compromised”-notification and she was not able to post any picture nor to comment or like other posts.
  • Since then (~15 days) she cannot like any posts.

Anyone knows whether and when the like block gets lifted?

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the blocks i get was max 7 days
next time do the password changing from jarvee
and give the new password to your client

Got it.

I don’t know but, did she try the “Tell us if you think it’s a mistake.”

Some people got unblock by asking Instagram to lift the block :slight_smile: From 7 days, it’has been a 3 days block only for some users. Test this out !

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Hi Danis, Do you find it easier to get the 3,5,7 days block if you don’t rest the accounts at all after the ac? Compare to the ones get 48hours rest?

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I don’t really know bro, i never had more than 24h blocks … Not on my mains, neither on my 100+ slaves


Are you using API?
I have only been using EB for several weeks and I have not rec’d the AC messages.
However, today I tried API again and after an hour received AC message.
I am not sure what to do at this point, except wait for the JV API update and hope that works.

Does that even work? I feel like nobody at IG ever deals with the problems you report. lol

Thank you, @denis1, for chiming in! :smiley: :+1:

Do you have any more information on that? It seems like Instagram has said under the 2nd noitification something like “tell us if we made a mistake” and there was a button, but this didnt lift the block. So is there any other way, e.g. like reporting the account got hacked or so?
Or do you have any source (link) so I can find out more about that?

Thank you again :slightly_smiling_face: