How long do Instagram limitations lasts

Hi about 3 weeks ago I was putting my page private then public alot so my pending followers will be added automatically I did this because it was taking to long to add followers 1 by 1 I gain around 4-7k followers everyday but now I get this message when I try to add followers

It is very new so nobody knows. I took 2 of my accounts out of private hoping this feed goes back to normal on the 15th…
I can tell you it does not automatically hit explore for a min of 2 weeks

I have a client who has got this and they have around 4k pending requests.

They’re losing followers now and the account is pvt and not able to accept more than 50-70 requests a day.

I have told them to rest the account for sometime they have not accepted any req for last 4-5 days we will rest a bit more and then try to do it.

Let’s see how it goes or else there would be no other option other than changing it to public.

We were getting a lot of followers when we were pvt but now this new error has occoured

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When I try to put my page public i get a message saying I’ll lose all my pending followers

which is over 30k

kiss them goodbye if you want to go public without clearing and accept them by hand – acceptor bots get detected … See if you can find a macro/keypad recorder for your phone to do it. what is unkown is if this new thing is permanent

Right now its only letting me add 150 followers a day I never used any fake likes or followers I grew my page doing post for post with other pages

How long is this happening to your friend account

The client has this from past 2-3 weeks… and it came because the client had switched back and forth from pvt to public.

I think this thing is going to be there permanently.