How long do you wait until you unfollow`?

Title says it all: How long do you wait until you unfollow people after you’ve followed them?

That doesn’t really answer the question being asked, at all.

I give it a few days to see if they’re going to follow back, and then give up and unfollow them. It ranges depending on my mood, generally 5-7 days though.

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Jesus christ with 5-7 days - what is your following on your account stay around? 5k+?

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i personally dont have a time when to unfollow either… im running follow/unfollow at the same day , usally i follow 700 or something and unfollow majority , but few people stays over for next day , i also have settings to change to unfollow after 450-500 following as imo once you have lets say 20k followers but you following 5k it looks like " spam " , " bot " account …

I wait 5 days