How long does it take Instagram to respond to my appeal, will I get my account back in 8 months, and how quickly can I get it back?

My Instagram account was disabled by mistake, I appealed a week ago and for some reason they didn’t accept my ID mugshot last week cause it didn’t match which does not make sense at all since they clearly matched and it was a real person reviewing it, and I’m trying to appeal again hoping for some good Instagram employee to review it and give it back. The question I have it how long does it take for Instagram to view and reply to my appeal? Does it take 4 or 5 days? I’m appealing once everyday. Also another question is will I get my Instagram account back in 8 months? I’ve seen people I follow who have been disabled some times and they always come back 8 months later. 3rd Question is how quickly can I get my account back?


From what i have seen, how long the account recovery process is different for each account. The same goes for their response time. If you haven’t heard back from them after 4-5 days, submit another appeal.

If you’re lucky you will get your account back in a few weeks.

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Yes, as Ossi said, it’s very difficult to make any estimations here because some users retrieve their accounts very quickly, in just a couple of weeks and some unfortunately never get their accounts back.

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I did that, I waited 4-5 days and I appealed again but I didn’t get a response

You can appeal daily, no need to wait that long or for a response.
Currently, IG doesn’t send responses most of the time - neither for unbans nor for rejections.

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Oh ok that’s what I’m doing right now, I’m appealing once daily

As of today (6/28/21) I appealed to have my acc and someone also told me to appeal daily. Atp it’s just a game of hopefully because quite frankly I’m pretty sure they don’t even send you an email. Keep trying to log in and if it doesn’t let you keep appealing. I’m pretty sure if it does delete your account it’s gonna tell you when you try to log in

Unfortunately my account was deleted a couple weeks ago, even though I appealed everyday since November 31st. They deleted it by mistake and for no reason and it’s injustice but cant do anything about it. I had fan account and they took it down for impersonating but it doesn’t make sense when I never claimed or showed my face and the person of the fan page has been dead for years by now and is one of the most popular names of all time

I’m sorry. I recently appealed and now my acc was restored, IG’s an ass tho, won’t even give you a notice, I just got a hunch to check if it was back up

Account recovery time is different for different accounts and if you didn’t get any reply then continue contacting them.

I’ve been tryiing to get back my account bjut I received the following message:


We can’t give you access to this account or continue to process your request because we haven’t received an acceptable image to verify account ownership.


If anyone knows what to do in this case please I will appreciate!

If you sent in documents, send in different ones.
If you get this when sending in the selfie, I would suggest getting a haircut and taking new pictures :crazy_face:

Lmao… I have long hair.

No fix time is given for a response to any appeal.

hahah, strange thing happen to me as well, when verifying a client account he had to send 2 different pictures and they only accpeted the one with the haitcut :grin: