How long is it taking on average to get a Facebook account warmed>?

Just for my perosnal research, how long is it taking everyone to make a Facebook account that doesn’t get blocked, and have it warmed to crossposting level?


It’s very difficult to tell that. It depends from account to account, but probably when your account reaches a certain number of friends, engagement, posts, etc. That could be a period of 1-2 months in my opinion.

a good warmup is between 14-21 days a great one is over 2 months but i would say test few stuff using good proxies and see how it goes, also, a good warmup always consist on diffrent actions and low ones.

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I think that sounds pretty accurate tbh.

I normally do just under 14 days with maybe a 25% block rate

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yes a good warmup always keep the account much safer, you can try and warmup the account as much as you can and I can assure you, you will see a big difference.