How long to wait after posting a video that went viral?

nice work @John_Doe . Do you mix in some automation with Tik Tok or solely focus on viral content?

No automation so far. I’m going to try to focus on viral content which will be hard because of my niche. I’m going to grow my accounts and hopefully in the future they will generate me sales on my e commerce store.

Great idea @John_Doe! Keep us updated :sunglasses:

Second video posted isn’t doing well 1000 views in 3 hours. I have another video I know for sure will go viral. I’ll post what happens tommorow when I posted it.

I’m starting to hate tik tok! Posted third video didn’t pass 3000 views, So I had an aged account with no videos I had created about a month ago and posted the video, Wake up it’s at 190k views.

The postive of that first video I gained 7332 followers and growing, But I feel on tik tok followers are useless. They don’t have the same affect as having a large following on Instagram from what I can see.


I had a post hit 700k views within 2 days. I posted a new video afterwards in the same style and it only gained 7k views. I posted the exact same video on a different account and it hit 200k. So I’m not sure what goes into play

It’s so random, On another account I posted 3 videos today and all passed 11k views. On viral account can’t get past 3k views.

I started another fresh account, People say don’t make more then one account per device or ip.

I can say it doesn’t really matter I made 10 accounts so far to age.

I posted a video last night it’s a 50k views! On a less then 24 hour account. I wanted to test what happens with mass account creation.

So far everything is fine, I notice no changes in accounts.

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i’ve tested the same thing

I dunno, I’ve made more money on tiktok then I did on IG already.

It’s about the QUALITY of followers that matter.
If you’re just doing repost content, yes those followers are probably not as good as say followers who follow a dentist.

I’ll check back in 30 days.

Nice, Most my content is my own with influencers making videos. IG is making me very good money. I don’t really see TiK Tok Currently making me money because the audience is young. My products are mostly geared to adults.

If you think a young audience doesn’t have money, then you should check out who the top earners are on Youtube / Instagram, and what their demographics are.

Yes I know there is money to be made, But if you knew what my product was most parents wouldn’t buy it for a child or teen. I’m already working on a kid friendly store just for Tik Tok.

Do you have an examples of posts that did well?

edit: nvm he’s banned

Just hit 10k followers and still don’t have option for bio link :sob: I seen accounts with 100 followers with link in bio.

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@John_Doe can and @customlogovideos can you pm me your tik tok accounts i am curious now what your content is :grin:

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customlogos been banned for a while lol…

Why ia that??

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was being a douche to the mods