How long to wait after posting a video that went viral?

I posted my first video 13 hours ago, it got 220k views and just over 1000 followers. How long should I wait before posting my next video?

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I haven’t found a wait time. However, i have found that the next few videos and previous few videos do insanely well after a viral video. I’d say keep posting the usual quality content

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Thanks, Gearing up for my next post!

Some videos blow up after 3-4 weeks so avoid deleting videos you never know

Did you do powerlikes?

Ideally you wait 24-32hrs and let the viral post ride.

Although it depends on what you consider viral.

Viral being: 500k+ views within 24hrs of posting.

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No, Just posted a video and it went viral.

It’s most probably going to hit 500k, Already at 390k now.


Y’all be having the craziest luck lmao, but congrats man. Gotta step up my game smh

I had another account which was only getting 200-10000 views I guess it’s shadow banned because gets like 20 views now. So I just started a new account.

your next few should probably do very well. At least from what i’ve noticed.

How many followers does this account have?

The shadow banned one 900 with 8 videos no F/UF. The new one just hit over 2200 in 18 hours from zero.

Officially viral hit 500k


Congratulations man! :tada:

I’d suggest letting it sit for the next 24hrs or so.
It’s not worth the risk of killing your videos reach at this point and time.

yea MAYBE another video could go viral. MAYBE. But let’s go off of what’s actually happening now.

Just keep posting I found it doesn’t kill the next video 24 hours is plenty if you have more quality content to post.

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I want to say this is normal from what i have observed but it probably isn’t as i don’t have that much data.

Congrats! you should keep posting as you’re growing. For some reason, you grow faster as you keep posting once you’ve gone viral. Sometimes, a viral post can pick up again after dying down a few days, not sure if anyone else has experienced that.

I plan to post later today, The hype is dying down it’s at 710k views. I gained 6300 followers so far.

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I have another video I 100% know will go viral but I’m not sure I want to post it to this account since it’s a niche account that has to do with my business. So far tik tok isn’t good for us e commerce, Hopefully in the future it will be like Instagram is for us.