How long until automation is dead?

i want to believe it will last for a long time but what are your thoughts?

Never, just gets harder over time.


Hey, there are a lot of these topics here :slight_smile: Best to look and write in one than to create hundreds of others :slight_smile:
No automation will never end :slight_smile:

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Lazy people will give up - successful people will adapt to more efficient strategies.


No! It’ll be much more automation in the future as AI and machine learning are becoming the core of everyday lives. Excessive automation leads to robot, automation mimic human behaviors will be enough.

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Automation will be dead when Jarvee subscription expire and you don’t have money on your card/paypal.Replace Jarvee with whatever tool you use.

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Like others are saying, automation will never be dead. It’s only growing and becoming more advanced, especially with AI and ML being integrated in to more and more marketing tools.

The only thing that really changes is the effectiveness of one strategy over others. That’s why you have to keep testing and adapting your strategy to use automation in a scalable way.

Will get harder and more expensive but will never die for sure!! as we knew it it’s already dying

Honestly, as long as users can follow,like and perform any kind of action on Instagram automation will be here, mobile emulated software may not be the the same in the future but regardless automation can always be done if you repeat how a real user performs those actions :slight_smile:

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Games, web pages can recognize Android virtual machines, instagram can also identify jarvee, this technology has been pure. (Before IG has information at the top, your account is logged in by the robot)
EB is not the final solution, everyone is assembled in JARVEE, IG just beat jarvee

it will last for a long time。

Finally, we had to set up a group control phone. A computer controls the N phone.

Automation will never die I believe. Neither do I doubt that IG in many years has been aware of automation activity coming from sources like Jarvee. Having a background in networking security, I can tell you it will be no job for IG to create a rotating algo, and by then automation is forever over. Cause you will never be able to find a pathern to follow as it switches constantly. My 2 cent in this is that they know exactly how these “betterknown” bots operate and they have no problem detecting them either. The algo has no problem detecting it. Many people believe changing IP helps. maybe it does now. But what if IG suddently starts detecting MAC-addresses instead of IP? The OSI layer gives you many opportunities to manage detection on. What I am trying to say here is that if they wanted to completely stop us from doing automation they would. The mode to challenge, (notice I mention challenge not to kill) automation was on disable until now, but now they chose to enable it.

BUT let me assure you, that the guys behind automation tools like Jarvee shouldn’t be considered easy to break. Each and every year this has happened, and these guys managed to pull it off. Automation will be possible in the future, but much less spammy


How long until doomsday threads like this stop being posted?


Automation will always exist. ALWAYS

Every year a stupid question comes up. Need i say more?


More like every month. Or every week. :smiley:


You will be forced to close shop and starve in the streets. /s

But seriously, until you can’t bot anymore and Mark Zuckerberg physically comes to your house and fucks you in the ass, why even ask the question

Automation will never be dead, if a human can do it, a machine can do it too.

But, everyday that passes by, it will be more difficult, as this type of companys have loads of money to invest in their platform, hiring serious developers to patch the exploits we are using.

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Great fcking post man

The question you should made: How long until I gave up after I get stuck in a problem? :joy:

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Automation won’t die it will just become a lot harder. Instead of panicking it’s better to figure out a way that would work and do tons of research and testing

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