How man of my OWN followers can I DM per day, Safely?

Hi Everyone,

This is actually a 2 part question:

  1. I have two accounts, with over 10k followers that are 4-5+ years old. How many can I DM per day?
  2. Is it ok to have both accounts logged into the same device while DMing them

Notes: I’m USA based and use iPhone



1/ Location doesn’t matter, iPhone/Android use neither.

2/ Do not exceed 80-100 DMs per day to your own followers. You should aim for 50-60 at first glance, and see if you can do more later on. Always increase slowly.

3/ You can dual-log.

I would say start with 15-20 DMs a day and then increase it slowly if you notice that it’s going fine and that you’re hitting the limits. I think you should be safe if you’ve got only those two accounts logged from the same device.

According to the Instagram Guidelines, You can do Min 80 Max 100 per day.

Instagram rules say 80-100 DM per day, but you need to start slow. I don’t think that an account can do 80 DM daily without getting blocked.

That’s too much. Perhaps manually but if you’re automating them, not sure if that’s safe enough.