How many acccounts can Jarvee run Effiectly?

So, I know this comes mainly down to the vps or computer. But I am trying to think of what I want to do to full scale high on Jarvee.

So, I have a Vps that’s 32gb dd3 ram, its the Hetzner cloud one. I also have a laptop Asus Tuf Series 64gb ram.

I will get more VPS, but I am wanting to know how many accounts I can run per Jarvee setup working with accounts in EB. Atm I can run 150 accounts with a little lag and a wondering if it can handle 200 or 250 per Jarvee?

yeah with a powerful VPS/computer you can handle 200-250 accounts correctly, more than that you will start seeing lags and issues.

12 Cores CPU 64 Gb Ram should work fine

are you using jarvee just for scraping?

You may want to precise, EB or API x250 ? I guess numbers will vary

No he’s running M/C

EB 150-200 max API 200-250 max should work fine using the configurations I shared above.


Yeah. I use specific sources and scrapers to pass to the slaves. The slaves only work in EB.

Ill test 200 and see how it goes

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500 should not be a problem if everything is properly configured.

250 if you have a really bad configuration.

All of the above assumes that your hardware is not the limiting factor.

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I use Hetzner as a VPS mainly. Have two 8x core 32GB ram ones.

Ideally when I scale to 1000 accounts I want to have only have 4 or 5 jarvee/setups

Can’t imagine having like 8 or more lol. Would be mayhem to keep under control.

Any hardware bottlenecks in the task manager?

It is not the best tool to find out those issues, but better then nothing :slight_smile:

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I have dropped limits on most of my accounts atm to make way for a new client so I can’t really guess. But with 150 loaded on one with 80ish doing actions its at 30% CPU, 50% Memory