How many account in the same pc on Creator Studio?

Hey guys,

Next week I’m starting to manage 21 facebook and Instagram pages for a franchising restaurant. I would like to use creator studio to post on FB and IG directly from my laptop and my employees’ computer.

Is it safe to add 21 accounts on the same PC and publish from it?

I’ve also split the 21 accounts in 4 groups which have the same content since it is very hard to create 21 different contents.
Any tips?


Im not sure can you have any problems. By my experience so far: I have 13 pages where 6 are my personal and the rest i admin for clients. No problems so far with schedule and posting on mulitple pages. Only few problems i encounter are that on IG my hastags or taged person are gone once it publish a scheduled post. Thats why i have to recheck few times before actual post and fix that. Everything else is runing smootlhy. I hope someone lese will share their.

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We run 92 on accounts on one creator studio. Knowing Facebook, the limit will probably be 100.