How many accounts can be used per mobile proxy in 2023?

how many accounts can be used per mobile proxy in 2023?

based on the parameters you hae supplied - between 1 & 1000


For each mobile proxy…

1,000? that’s not possible even few years ago

Your right
I think the most you can do is 999

Why the trolling? The man asked normal question.

I think 2 - 5 accounts. And you should test yourself.

Also if you rotate and use only few accounts per time (do not do actions on all accounts at same time, but different times, for example 2 accounts do actions for 2 hours, then they shut down, IP is rotated and other accounts are started) it can be done more but mistakes can happen using this method.

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The most stable and consistent I have seen is 10-15 and 20 when things are smooth.

For newbie start with 2-5. Make tests and increase slowly.

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my answer is true
IF he was warming up slaves and wanted to just do 2-4 follows per day per slave, he could rotate 5 slave accounts every 10 minutes doing 2-4 follows each - 5 x 6 x 24 = 720 per day

my answer assumed certain things
You assumed something different

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Yeah can’t really give advice when we dont know what its for. Client accounts you would run the least you can as it causes more issues and harm.

exactly my thoughts

500 mobile proxies running 10K accs:)
5mins auto rotates IP then all using on follow/like and comment.

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How do you set it up on the bot, is it randomly rotating around or proxy rotating by group?

For us at least max of 10 accounts with proper limit actions

You can run 50+ if you are smart and know how to stay under the radar. Obviously proxy quality matters also.

Best way to imagine this is…
Rotation every 5min = a brand new internet connection every 5min.
Each 5min rotation is a Slot
In one hour you will have 12 Slots
Fill each slot with 10 accounts
That’s 120 accounts per hour
That means each account only gets 5min of action per hour.
Even more important is the quality of your accounts and their settings (limits).

How do you set that up automatically on SUSOCIAL?