How many accounts can use the same phone number?

Hey guys,

I was thinking about setting up 20-30 instagram accounts. I’d buy each aged account for $2 from accs123. After I purchase all of the accounts and set them up on proxies I was just wondering if each account should have a its own number attached to it or should I do one number per 3 accounts?

What do you guys think based on your experience?

Lastly, are you guys using any PV services or are you just PVing your accounts through sim cards you’ve purchased?


3, that is the max IG will not let you use that number for more then 3 accounts and i use sims

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I noticed on the previous thread that you’re using massproxy and that you’re using 1IP per account. How does this work with accounts? Would I do 1 number per account or should I use 1 number per 3 accounts? I’m just afraid IG can correlate the accounts despite the different IPs, since all 3 accounts would have common phone numbers.

I am not using 1 Ip per account, i use 3/5 (mostly 5) accounts per IP, but yeah i use 3x the same number, sure IG could check and ban all of them, but it hasn’t happened yet… I think one sim per account is the best option but way too expensive

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i asked verizon if i changed sim cards if my phone # would change, they said no so what is the purpose of changing sim cards if the # stays the same? i noticed you can use the same # 3 times per week. i have used my # hundreds of times over the past few years and once account is phone verified, i go back into my profile and erase the # so it is not link to other accounts.

in usa you can have number connected to your phone and it works differently than for example europe networks when you can use different sim cards and they give different numbers…

oh ok, thought so. its a shame it is not like that here

Interesting, I thought it’s the same everywhere, as @MrNobody said sims in Europe come with their own number, you an have as many as you want…

Each Canadian SIM has it’s own number.

I know when I travel to the US, I buy a US SIM and plug it into my Canadian phone and it gives me a new US #.

Hey @southhills what country & state/province do you live in?

Pennsylvania. i contacted us mobile and now i am hearing a different answer. they now tell me i can just get a sim card and use it for texting for just $2 a month. last person on us mobile told me i couldn’t. confusing. just have to see if my phone is compatible. its a few years old so who knows but $2 a month for a new # is a steal

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@southhills Great! Happy you were able to talk to someone who knew what they were talking about.

I often call again and again to speak to different agents just in case the previous one was stupid, or unfair. These calling centres seems to just hire anyone off the street with no qualifications. “Oh you can talk!..Your Hired!”

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so thats why Im reading this Thread like WTF are they talking about… roflmao… this Blog is the BEST!

is it dangerous to use this kind of service ?

would like to know the same thing, anyone experience with this service?

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I signed up for an account but they’re not accepting my payments. I get the error message: Sorry, it seems that there are no available payment methods for your state. Please contact us if you require assistance or wish to make alternate arrangements.

even when I try via a proxy in a different state… hmmm, strange.