How many accounts do you want to be following?

I would assume the lower the better - I have about 50-100 accounts I genuinely follow but of course a few hundred will be stacked on top of this using F/U.

I’m about to cancel my service and use Jarvee myself so I think I’ll unfollow all accounts the service has followed - is there an automated way to do this while protecting the 50-100 accounts I’m interested in from being unfollowed?

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Of course, if the service provider use Jarvee they can easily unfollow everyone Jarvee followed, without touching your genuine followings.
If for some reason the won’t do it , and you start Jarvee on yourself, you can add all your genuine followers to your close friends list, check the box “also target users followed outside jarvee” and also check the box “do not unfollow close friends”, that’s the easiest way to do it in my opinion.
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You can also add followers to a whitelist in Jarvee so it won’t unfollow them but the close friend tactic is also great for making sure Jarvee doesn’t unfollow someone and you can do it in the IG app without opening Jarvee.

You can also decide if Jarvee is to only unfollow accounts it has followed, while leaving alone account you follow from before.


yes, this is super easy to do in Jarvee