How many accounts follow you after you follow them?

I am trying to increase my number of followers by following other accounts. But my results are bad. I think not more than 10% of the people I follow do follow me back. Are these results typical ?

I follow about 200 people a day. With a 10% result it will take a long time before I reach my goal…

Is Follow the only action you do on the account? You may want to throw in some other actions, like posting, liking, retweet, etc. You’ll gain more followers if you work on your engagement.

10% is a good average

I am testing with my own private Twitter account. Ofcourse I post there, and sometimes like posts of other people, or retweet. But this I do with accounts I already follow. It gave me about 200 followers in 9 years :wink: I was looking for an easy way to reach my goal.

@dimitrivisser What @mommyfats meant is to use the follow / unfollow method you are currently using + the favorite tool to automate likes as well… etc.

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Thank you! Will try that too. Massplanner is a bit overwhelming in the beginning. Difficult to understand what is the best way to do everything.