How many accounts per 4g proxy for scraping?

I get checkpoint waves every few days and I think it’s because I’m running my scraper overnight rotating 80 accounts for something like 600 calls per hour per account. Is limiting number of accounts per proxy or limiting calls per hour more important?

yeah, 600 API calls per hour * 24 is 14400 API per day witch is a loot, try to reduce that number b 30 %- 50% and see how it goes and for Dc proxies 2 accounts-3 accounts max, 4g ones 5 accounts max.

I think both is quite important, you should limit the number of accounts to maybe 2 per proxy and limit the number of api calls as well. Try reducing it as @Luca suggested and see how it goes.

if u use the right settings up to 20accs whitout problems

how is that even possible @Successboy? 20 accounts per one proxy it way too much.

Agreed, I am running 2 accounts per proxy and still sometimes having issues, what would happen if I was running 20 per proxy :slight_smile:

i was using even up to 40accs , scraping and doing actions , is just settings and intervals

How do you control the split of api calls between the multiple scraper accounts?
How many api calls before it switches to the next scraper?
Is a 1:3 ratio still the way to go? One account to 3 scrapers.
How to keep a Scraper account under the IG radar the best way? Since it’s only making api calls, it might look like a Scraper also to IG :thinking:

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I’m curious about this too. I had 1 scraper for 27-30 accounts and that didn’t go so well lol. Now, I added a a couple more and it’s helped a LOT. The only problem is now I want to add some filters to increase my FBR, but I’m not trying to add more scrapers.

Typically, these platforms detect bot activities based on api call frequency by both hour and day. You want to avoid scrapping too much from the same IP (scrapper) in every hour and in a day. So if you spread you api calls throughout the day, you may be able to scrap more.

It will require some tuning to find the sweet spot. As soon as you hit their hourly/daily threshold, you start to get banned and it may not recover in a few hours. But as long as your api call count is safely below their threshold, you can stay undetected for a while.

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