How many accounts per phone number is safe?

Hi guys! For you, how many accounts using automation is safe to use the same phone number on it?

Would recommend 1 for 1 personally

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Ideally, it should be only 1 number per account. From their help center, they stated that an email address can only be associated with up to 5 Instagram accounts, but they did not mention anything similar when it comes to phone numbers.

IG allows 3-5 accounts/IP, but phone numbers? Can’t be sure. Safer to use 1 per account if that’s possible.

Only 1 per account, because if you have a problem in one account all the others with the same number can also be affected

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Logically, upto 5 accounts (Even upto 10 should not be a problem) for every one phone number should be fine as long as all the accounts are not created on the same day. One account per phone number PER DAY is important


May I ask what the reason is?

I have 5 of my main IG accounts on same number and same phone but none do automation and quite low limits.

For automation I would say things would need to be lowered.

Just one per phone number if numbers are from service and if you are planning to use them for automation. But yeah, if it’s your own phone number and you wouldn’t be using them for automation, then you should be able to go with 5 accounts per phone number.

did you try with 5 accounts/number?

I mean to done automation with 5 accounts/number

In our day to day activity, its unusual for a user to create multiple accounts on the same day, isnt it? Coupled with API errors now and then while using automation, it would result in multiple red flags and consequently, Captchas and verifications.

Again, this is just based on my experience and my own inferences. These are not hard facts and you should try and see what works best for you depending on what your objectives are

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oh Thank you!!!