How many accounts per proxy/phone number?


I know this questions have been asked one million times, but things are changing.

How many accounts per proxy/phone number? I know 1:1 ratio is the most safest, but proxies, especially real sim numbers aren’t cheap these days :slight_smile:

I’m doing atm 1:1, no bans or whatsoever but i’m thinking to try 2 accounts per proxy/sim card.



My golden teddy bear <3 Test and you’ll convince :slight_smile: For starters on your accounts and how everything will be good, you can give customers :slight_smile: But if it is not RAW MOBILE I advise 1: 1 how a proxy seller advises. :slight_smile:


DC - 1:1
4G - 1:1
4G (raw) - 1:4 [shifts] (my opinion, people go way higher)

Edit: Sorry this is for Instagram automation, I am not sure about twitter.


with DC proxies I always use 1:1
Phone number, I user online service for random numbers.
Residential proxies I use 3 accounts per proxy


Thanks for the replays guys


4G (raw) - 1:10 is still good


Twitter is a bit complicated when you are trying to automate it. I would go with a maximum of 2 accounts per datacenter proxy.


may i aks how much follows you doing daily?