How many accounts should be verified with one phone number?

I am developing very unaggressive non-spammy accounts for long term use. I am planning to verify 3 accounts per 1 phone number. Does this sound like too many verifications for one number, even if the accounts are not aggressive?

If you want to use 1 phone number for more accounts you have to keep some time between each verification. Some days, week or longer.
You must also realize that by using 1 number you are making a footprint, you are connecting the accounts.

I also used more accounts on 1 number in the past (not anymore) and remember that if I got problems with 1 account the other connected accounts also got problems.

What are you going to do with accounts if you are not going to spam ?

The accounts are going to be very realistic and used to generate buzz for various products online that I sell. I guess that’s a form of spamming but not the type where I have many obvious spam accounts posting CPA links everywhere.

It can be :smile:

I once had 3 accounts on 1 phone number (but different proxies). Each with follow/unfollow about 1000 a day. One day I got a PV on 1 account. Day later I got PV’s on the other 2 accounts. 1 account was impossible to recover.
It is difficult to point at 1 thing if you have problems. But if you do not have problems with hundreds of accounts for several weeks, but suddenly have problems with 3 accounts in 2 days and the only thing they have in common is the same phone number… Then you can blame the number…

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Hey Dimitri…say I want to create pages to use as legit long term brand…then you suggest using one number per page and also one proxy? Also, would you recommend notever passing a follow limit of say 750 with these accounts?

I think if you want to create a couple of accounts representing a brand, and really spend time building them that you must be careful. Use 1 phone number etc. If you spend hours and hours creating content it is bad to lose that account because you tried to save a little bit of money. I don’t know where you are from, but here a sim card costs 1 Euro. If you share it with 3 accounts you can bring the costs down to 33 cents. It is not worth it.

Thanks…Do you think its best to create them over a mobile network?

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