How many accs to PV with one sim card

Hello, I got some sim cards. And I want to know how many accs I can PV with one real sim card.
I think about 3, what do you guys think about ?


Why do you think 3? You think they will be related for IG? Easy footprint.

Just use 1on 1 for the safest. 3 on 1 to be cheap. and 7 to 1 to be Belgian.


Never use more than one account per sim card.

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Churn and burn : the max you can

Long term : 1 / account

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1:2 works perfectly here

i don’t have personal experience with this, other than the few account i made for myself with my number, which are 5 on the same number.
If those are spammy acount i think that 3 is ok. less ofc is better, but it depends on how long you want those to last, i mean, if you want to grow them for years just posting and following go with 1, if you wanna spam a bit, ad links etc, go for more.


1 sim per 1 account. I used to have more an than 1 per account and it was PITA. Mostly because if one account gets PV the other will get it too and this will turn into neverending chain of PVs.


I do 2 accounts per 1 number

Yeah, guys but I’m just growing them. It’s not a cpa thing

hey would it be okay to use 3 or 5 fanpage accounts on 1 original sim?

also for growth account would be okay to use 2 accounts per sim
In my country i can have 7 sims of 1 network that way i can have more than 50 sims.
i was thinking of collecting sims 1 by 1 with time

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I’d be interested to hear the response to this. Since they’re fanpages and all promoting same thing that is an easy link together. Though maybe that doesn’t matter. But I almost feel like using unique SMSPVA numbers could be wiser than 5 of the same SIM.


Really depends on the quality of accounts you are growing - If you are going to be making a huge amount of accounts on a budget then for sure you will want 2/+ per sim card.

But if these are long term accounts just use 1 per account this is the much safer option


1 to be sure
2 is still safe
3 is the cheapest way

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Stick to 1:1 ratio if you value your accounts,
SIM cards are cheap enough to get, even free :expressionless:


What works for me is one to one ratio.
I rented 55 on smspva, and got it done for 3:1 but got PV right away.
So I tried 2, still have PV for some.
So I decided to buy real sim cards from my home country, the Philippines, which is 30 pesos each, $1.56 through my cousin who is also assisting me with my business. I bought a total of 800 sim cards in the past 3 days.
I manually changed it on each profile.
For the past 3 weeks, I spent $800 on SMSPVA. The time I realized that is it was the phone numbers, not my actions, not posting and not my 4G proxies was when I stopped everything, and I still got PVA. It’s the same with hidemynumbers though they are basically longer before the next PVA, at least 48 hours.
So now, I have 800 sim cards from the Philippines, the accounts that I updated so far are working well.
You can get real sim cards from the Philippines or Indonesia (they are cheap) and no need to top up, if the purpose is to receive a message only for one year. After a year, just top .26cents and it should be active still.

So there were 400 on constant PV for the past 3 weeks… right? Here’s what I did.
I still have credits for SMSPVA so what I do is verify each using API, 20 each batch. 20, here’s why.
On SMSPVA, even after 1 minute, some accounts will PV again. So let’s say also, out of 20, only 15 will get verified. The rest must get a new sim card, each. So I need to make sure I can change the numbers right away before it’s too late to Philippine numbers. This is the safest way I can think of.

20 accounts
15 accounts verified, on Pending Mode, and I change the numbers using PH real sim cards using EB, no need to wait for code.
5 accounts did not verify. I used real sim cards to verify and must wait for the code. No need to change the phone number.

Make sure you have a list of the numbers and it’s only one per account.

Edit: If you try to PV 3x for a day these accounts without receiving any codes using SMSPVA or Hidemynumbers, the next is DISABLED. So try not to PV twice and force it.

If you can, avoid sim services like SMSPVA or Hidemynumbers for now. Imagines the $800 I spent on SMSPVA and Hidemynumbers for 3 weeks for nothing…
I am just really happy that is finally over.

Hope this helps.


I do 1 sim per account using the service of Speedyverify. :slight_smile:

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It’s handy if you don’t have time to do it your’self, otherwise is just very expensive, and you still have not control over it.

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Some countries can get 100s of sims for free - if you have a phone where you can slide out the sim tray its probably faster then using all of these services you pay 5$ per sim on