How many clicks are you getting in your Instagram bio?

For those of you who are getting most of your clicks/traffic with Jarvee automation… Just curious how many clicks per day are you getting on average in your Instagram bio? And what is your lead magnet?

That depends on how many followers you have, your engagement rate, how many times you post per day, and many other factors …

well prettu good resultss but as Abdel said it depends on your followers, engagement and the way you manage the account in general, how many do you get on your best accounts?

Last time I was using (2019) I was getting about 10-20 clicks p/day p account without posting anything. They were just set it and forget it accounts. Right now only about 2 - 3 clicks per day per account. I realize there are many factors. I’m just curious what everyone else is getting so I have some sort of general target to aim for.