How many comments, likes, follow/unfollow a day/hour, manually vs bot. Thoughts from this forum

I’ve been reading this forum and I figure that people try to automate tasks to look as much human as possible to not get banned by IG. But all the advices/answers are exactly the opposite of human :slight_smile:

For example I noticed that all human IG users do the same:

  1. Log in to their accounts whenever they want - once up to few times a day.
  2. Do all the actions faster than machines, as much as they want and as fast as they can:
  3. Switch to next account and do the same until they finish their all 5 accounts on mobile.
  4. When all accounts are done, go back to their job.

So why when people talk about automation they set those tasks to specific hours, time of days, give themselves limits, delays, etc. This for me, and probably IG too looks much more like bot and not human???


Depending on what automation software you’re using you can randomise your settings, i.e. days and hours during which certain tasks are performed. Plus you should always have an 8 hour sleep time that corresponds with the actual “normal” sleep time in your timezone. Basically you won’t be following people like crazy for 24 hours straight but put a sleep time from 12 AM to 8 AM.

Don’t forget that age of instagram accounts is an important factor, you won’t be able to do the same volume of tasks on a 2 month old account as you would on a 5 year old account.


Yeah but people doing it manually on their phone are connected to either their home residential IP or their 4G LTE connection on their phone which allows them to do more actions faster.

But yeah I see what you are saying it would look more natural to do activity in short/fast bursts as thats what a real user would be doing.


guess he came directly from internet …