How many copyright strikes on Facebook will get my business page disabled?

Hi guys,

I am used to create 10 posts per day so I find it hard to avoid copyright infringement. In June last year I got the first strike, yesterday I got my second. I wonder what happens when the third one comes? Will my site be blocked? Or does that strike “disappear” after 90 days? How many copyright striker can my page get? I try to understand how this system works since it’s really hard to find something about it.

Btw I got my first strike for video I had rights to use. I contacted the reporting party and they answered me they reached Facebook to retract the report filed against my page. In the end Facebook did nothing to remove that strike. And I spent hours of trying to contact them.

Quick google search and I found out that some pages got disabled after 3 strikes:

However, it really depends on the content you are posting:

Number of strikes that get your account blocked depend on the content. If you post child exploitative content, just one strike means your account is banned for good. For lighter offences you will probably be ok even with two or three strikes.

Since you already got 2 strikes, be careful.

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