How many email confs/password resets do you do initially (typically)?

When you add a new account to MP (an aged account) how many email confirmations/password resets do you encounter within the first few hours?

You should only get email confirmation when you add an account that was inactive for some time and you add it to a new proxy/ip.
I added about 50 accounts in a single day and i only got the initial email confirmation for some of them,not even all of them.

May I ask where you buy your accounts? Also when you initially add them, do you begin posting images also?

I messaged you.
On some accounts i posted in the same day,for others not.I was just lazy to setup the operation in 1 day.

what about adding links, when you add links do you get nvalid credentials,password resets and action required as welll?

Yes, I believe the reason is because I was adding links straight away