How many F/UF can you do on average now?

Regarding your jarvee performance, I am wonder what the F/UF rate is going for you guys.
I saw personally a lot people are outta the business already due to recent changes.
Client management and other growth methods have also went up in price because of that.

What is your average daily F/UF action per day?

We are doing 80-100 F and UF. Anything more and we start to see TLs and CAPTCHA etc.

thats not bad in today’s standard

Different but at long time Grow Accounts with JV similar results i just make now settings like 50-100 Grow is really slow also if u make a really good research for sources. And give after Follow 1-3 Likes and Story Views. The is in all account a Grow drop like 40-60%.

Customer are not more happy with the results of grow and price.

150 F/UF per day on ipv6 proxies

as much as IG allows you.

In today’s standards it’s pretty bad.

So it is no longer relevant to use jarvee ?

most of my accounts are below 120 per day, better safe than sorry I have been using automation for a long time and planning for using even more so with that rate I don’t have blocks or issues and I can see growth, 1 main account per 1 4g proxy and slave accounts on different proxies.

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Indeed a smart move. Rather safe than sorry.

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120 f/uf for me

yes after a while when your accounts are properly set there is no harm to test their limits and increase actions day by day until you know the exact account’s limits.

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True brother. However eventhough we keep insisting to go slow and rather play safe than sorry, unfortunately I still witness people complaining about blocks as they state they try to do actions only close to the daily limits. That’s risky business. But I totally agree with your plan of action.

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180-200 manual.

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Manual u can do more. :wink: But i don’t know on long Term

Its still ok and u can make many different Strategies with JV. The Classic F/U Methode gos harder and harder. Also with all the Delays to be safe at the Main Accounts. Without Delay we could make more but bring Danger to the Client Accounts.

Is this 120 total? (E.g. 60 follows + 60 unfollows) Or 240 total (120 follows + 120 unfollows)?

That depends on many things including your account’s trust score. My recommendation is to start with 120 in total (60+60) and once you’re sure that these limits are working for you, try increasing till 240 in total.

120/200 is working well but u can increase slowly with trust score

yeah, that’s true but as you know it’s not only about actions limits it’s about the whole setup from A to Z, you can find users complaining about blocks and he only doing 30 actions a day but when checking his setup you can find 12 accounts per one datacenter proxy which is a suicide these days so it’s about the whole picture.

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