How many facebook accounts can i verify with one sim card

today just bought some sim card wanted to use them for facebook account creation just want to know how many facebook account i can verify with one sim card


As soon as you add phone number to 2nd account and verify it, it will be removed from the 1st account. So, 1 sim card, 1 account. Otherwise, you’ll probably have issues.

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but you can use the first account too if you verify your 2nd account. it was for me

Took me a while to notice that :stuck_out_tongue: I was wondering why half the accounts I set up were asking for a phone number again

Do you have any data on verifying on few accounts with the same SIM by doing the verification then removing the number from the account a day or so later… And using the same number to verify other accounts in the same fashion?
My point being, if one is using NON-PVA accounts and at some point you are asked to PVA, would it be possible to use the above system to verify more than one account by removing number after verification?

Thanks in advance

I’m not sure since sim cards are pretty cheap here and I’ve never tried it.

Anyway,it’s still a footprint. Even if it works, they can connect the dots easily.

I’d always go with 1 sim - 1 account.

1- Have you tried simcards from outside USA to verify USA accts.?

2- having an account that is not from US prevented you from being accepted in certain regional groups or posting on this type of groups without gett8ng flagged?

Adnan where are you located. Your name sounds like TUrkey and over there sims aren’t that cheap. Isn’t it ?

Nope, I’m not from Turkey.
I’m from Bosnia and Herzegovina

Kind of a close guess. How much are sim cards there ?
Havala ti brate.

What I do is, when FB blocks one of my accounts, than I reuse that SIM on a new account I create. That way I didn’t really have any problems. It seems that SIMs can be reused without penalty.