How Many Fake Followers Should I Buy?

I have an IG page that launches on a city-by-city basis (Meaning we launch one IG page per city)

When we launch a new IG page, we buy around 6,000 followers for social proof.

How many fake followers should one buy (when making a new account) to have enough social proof? Of course you don’t want too many fake followers as this is just to pass the ‘social proof line’

6,000? 2,000?

Personally I think it’s wise as people are more likely to follow an acc with thousands of followers VS one with 0

So whats the number?

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If the project is aiming for sales, and doesn’t have much contant, social proof with fake followers wouldn’t hurt much if the marketing budget is rather small.

However, if you had loads of content (especially Reels) and more marketing budget, I would recommend going for organic followers. 5-10k followers aren’t super expensive, depending on the niche / accounts quality of course, and then you can expand from there.

Otherwise, fake followers +10k would be the best in my opinion. It’s so cheap that why stopping at 6k ?

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Yeah as Denis has said. If its just fake fame. Then 10-100k can work. But if you want to have it get engagement and get real interactions then you want it to be 100% authentic growth. This is how accounts fail.

Thanks a lot Denis. Question - I have loads of content for 1-3 reels/day. If I post 1 reel/day, are you saying I can get thousands of followers each month for eg?

As for marketing budget, how do I use it to get followers? Do I simply boost the reel post with it?

5K-10K followers in a month would be awesome, but always thought boosting posts would be expensive

Thanks. My goal is genuine engagement. However, I feel I need at least a few thousand followers for my followers to see me as legit. (It’s city by city, so maybe 2,000-4,000 followers)

My fear is in the future that brands may see my acc and say I have lots of fake followers and refuse to partner up (even if I have lots of real followers too)

If the algo is in your favor, then you can grow thousand of followers per day with Reels, for some days/weeks (doesn’t happen to many accounts tho).

Well, there are a few possibilities to drive traffic to your page, chose the one that fits you best! Boosting the Reel can work - to some extend yes. Indeed, it will be expensive. But nowadays in 2022, there are no “cheap” growth when it comes to quality, just make your move by testing A/B/C strategies.

i think it depends on where you actually want to reach or who are your competitors. someone might need a million and someone just 10k

I really don’t recommend fake followers regardless of your reason to want many followers. Because it’ll just hurt your account performance. Instagram will notice that these followers are your typical audience, so it’ll keep on showing you to the same group of audience, which is not your target audience at all. You must have specific audience that you want to reach in mind, right? We’ll buying fake followers would just keep your account away from reaching them at all. How can they follow you if they couldn’t even find you? My advice is to just do the organic marketing. Your mindset that people would only want to follow you if they see you already have thousands of followers is a complete mindset block. Real audience only follow if they like your content, not the amount of your followers, period. Just focus on your real aim, which is to attract real audience to follow you. These people would always love to engage with you and even buy from you. The hook is always relatable contents and relevant hashtags. That’s all you need. Transparency is the key.