How many follow perform per day from desktop?

How many follow perform per day from desktop?
how you guy perform F/UF per day manually? how many follows each hour ? and limit per day?

Desktop and Mobile doesn’t make a Difference,your IP Quality does.

Limits : 100-150/day,10-20/hour and 4000-6000/month

NOTE - These limits depends upon your account age,activity and previous history of Action Blocks,these are the default limits where your account will stay 100% safe.

150-200 F and UF or just F?

Including both.

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Really? I feel like I always get blocked more often from web version using same residential IP.

Depends,what I do is use the mobile version in chrome,I have not faced any limit changes or blocks while doing it taking into consideration that you were following the daily and hourly limits(imp).

I meant web version on a desktop. I have never used the web version on my phone, I just use the app when I’m on my phone.

better to keep it between 150-250 automated, but manually you can do a little bit more than that.

make sure you have a good IP.