How many follow unfollow can we do with the current situation?

Hi, I was wondering about what the current limits are for follow/unfollow each day? I seem to hit blocks very often these days. Is this normal now?

same, i can follow a lot of people but when i’m unfollowing i get blocked easily
i think we really have to space a lot the unfollow process the same day to not get blocked

I think they started hitting the unfollows now. M/S has become a lot harder. I have hundreds of clients doing M/S and I may have to move all of them to mass DMs which seems to be the only method thats working and is scalable at the moment

How many DMs per hour mate?
Cause I can’t DM more than 3 per hour lol

instagram become harder and harder yes

you shouldn’t do than 200 follow/unfollow per day and not from the first day, you should take time to warm up the account and do different actions every day.

Follow/unfollow 4-5 days a week and give the account some rest.

Make sure to have 4g proxies and scrapers.

Yes, getting blocked is nothing unusual. Don’t do more than 10 follows or unfollows per hour, especially if you are just warming up the account.

I wouldn’t go over 200 follows and 200 unfollows but if you’re getting blocked often, try lowering the limits as much as possible and then slowly try increasing them again. Of course, make sure to use all precaution measures.

I make some test i can follow somewhere around 300 account a day but i can’t unfollow the same amont
the limit is more on 200 a day
if i’m block i can’t unfollow someone for something like 30 hours

For likes, i tried to like a lot of people in the same hour and it start blocking me around 180-190 like in this hour

i tried follow 300 ppl and like 200 post the same day nothing happend

the only problem is unfollowing, the best is like they sayed, 200 follow or unfollow a day
and the day you follow: like and comment more than the day you unfollow