How many followers a day is reasonable on a new acc

im doing 400 follows a day now and posted few vids with 12k views in total and i gained like 15 followers today lol

We are getting 100 followers for every 10k views in avg

can u show me ur acc name? any tips? do u write to follow u in caption? i dont get why i get so few followers with viral content

Which bot are you using ? because i have some experience with Jarvee, it say “200 follow” but acticly it only follow like 60 person

dude how? whats ur channel name

There is nothing special, we just create good funny videos, which get lots of views and that’s all

15 followers compared to the number of actions that you do is pretty low, what kind of vids you post? authentic or reposted? are you using any software to follow?