How many followers can I block per hour/day on Jarvee?

For example, if someone added fake followers to my page, what is the safe limit to do this?

I was removing/blocking 800-1000 followers/day for a client using Jarvee a while back, but we were using several filters and this was before the new api limit update.

If you block/remove followers using specific users, I think you can do at least 800 per day.

So essentially you’re saying it might be better to externally scrape the followers, figure out which ones are fake/trash and then copy those csv ones in?

With current API limits, I think you’re going to burn a lot of scrapers fast if you use too many filters when blocking/removing. You can still try it though

I wouldn’t do more than 200-250 blocks per day because of the new API limits.

you can go up to 350 a day but you need many scrapers epically with the filters stuff.

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Yeah, I agree with Luca regarding scrapers. Many scrapers are needed indeed.


so basically charge more for this