How many followers can I buy for 2 yr old IG account? Currently 800 followers

I found one of my old IG accounts:
-2 yr old
-800 followers: 300 organic + 500 bought 2yrs ago

I need to increase number of followers on this account. I don’t care about quality of followers. I just need to permanently and safely increase this number for some contest :wink:

I think 500 followers should be safe but I’d like more - maybe 2000 followers on this account?

You can buy even 100k followers if you want to, the question is what’s your end goal? If you want social proof a couple thousand should be okay. It should appear natural comparing to your engagement, so having 3k followers and 15 likes on photos won’t look so good.

Also remember, fake followers always drop off unless the panel you’re using has refill available. That is usually more expensive though.


Thank You for reminding me about likes, thankfully I can add as many likes as I want to from Gramblr.

I’m asking what is the safe number to buy at once. I know they can drop off and most likely be poor accounts but I only want this number of followers to look better :wink: and don’t lose my IG account at the same :wink:

So how much I can buy at once?

Just looking at Followiz and JustAnotherPanel (some cheaper but fine panels) and they have minimums of 200 and 50 respectively, which means you could order in increments of 50. But what is even easier is that they have a feature called Drip-Feed, which as it sounds it just adds the amounts of followers every so often based on the interval you set. I don’t know the interval maximum, but you could probably leave some hours (not sure about days) between each one being added. Just bare in mind the longer intervals you add the more chance you add for the potential of the service to screw up half way through, which happens with some orders not doing full amounts. So you could always do 1000 over a few days, then another 1000 over another few days, for example.

Edit: With all that said, you would probably safely get away with just throwing on 2000 in one hit. But may as well use the drip-feed since it’s available, for safety.


If the panel you’re using has drip feed then 2000 over the period of 1 week or so is okay. You can even go for 5 days. If the panel does not have drip feed, then purchase in smaller increments every day. It should appear as natural as possible, an account won’t grow 2k followers in one instance unless it already has a solid follower base and goes viral.


@MarkCalledBamBam If not doing drip feed just look for what the Minimum amount required is. It’s possible some might have a minimum of 500 or 1000 to be purchased at once, where it’s probably better to get between 50-200 only per each hit. If you want to do it manually just check that minimum amount and purchase a smaller amount yourself each day.

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Some panels don’t have a minimum at all.

Also, some panels apart from purchasing followers with real money also give you an option of purchasing with their panel currency, i.e. if you like and follow other accounts. Ideally you would do that through some junk account and you would only do this in case you have some time to spare.

I’ve seen some Russian panels like bosslike and 1gram do this, haven’t used any other. In any case if you can spare like 30 minutes on liking and following people you could save some money.


Thank You guys for all those tips. Appreciate it. I understand that I have to do everything to look as much human as possible and will try to incorporate it.

No worries. Remember that humans can be very random, that’s why randomising amount of actions and times is helpful.

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