How many followers do you get by doing manual actions?

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Hi, I would like to share my experience with you.

I’ve started doing manual actions from Dec '19. I was going around 50F/UF and around 50 unique genuine comments per day. From January I’ve increased the number to 120 F/day, 80-90 UF/day and 130 Comments per day. No Blocks till now and I’m averaging around 25 followers per day.

Btw I’m in the food niche. And the followers are all from food niche only because I target only food hashtags. My engagement rate is averaging around 6%.

And I’ve moved from 2.7k followers in December to around 4500 as of now on 7th Feb.

Here is a screenshot of the results.

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Can you explain how you’re targetting the people?

Hi Powerlifter*, quick follow-up question.

You mentioned you do not do follows, only likes (and I assume not many comments either, as they are more time-consuming if you really want to make them memorable and not look too generic)

My question: any idea on how many likes you’d do per person? Are there any specific criteria or metrics you stick to? And any chance you could provide more insight into how well the targetted accounts respond? (in other words: what’s the ratio of people that follow you simply because you liked their stuff?)

Any info is appreciated!

I like only the first post of the potential follower. I choose targets of people who post extremely similar content to mine. I avoid mass followers in general, I tend to go for people following 1500 or less. Yesterday for example, I liked 20 min in morning, 20 at lunch, and 30 in evening and gained 106 followers. I can’t tell you how many I liked specifically because I don’t count. I would assume my follow back ratio is high

Guys, I’m just wondering if we still have good chances to profit from growing niche accounts. I mean, by growing accounts manually in mass the only pain is how to get really cheap workers. Think about this: By doing manual growth we just need to buy a phone + unlimited data SIM for let’s say 3-4 accounts and then we don’t need to pay anything: No proxies cost, no bot costs and etc…

The only pain is for example if im gonna grow 100 accounts in travel/dogs/fashion niches, how do i find cheap workers to do daily actions on these 100 accounts?

Let’s say with really good follow back ratio, we can hit 10k followers in 3 months and sell 100 accs for minimum 10k$. Because right now accounts prices are going to increase in my opinion, cause automation is more harder and its not so easy to grow accounts so fast anymore. Plus, by doing manual actions, you get better quality followers and better engagement.

Is it theoretically possible for one person to manage 100 accounts daily, or at least for maximum 2 persons to manage 100 accounts daily?

Im asking this question cause im interetest to know if growing niche accounts is still a possible business…

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Thanks for your response!

Any chance your profile would become not hidden lol? I would love to get in touch with you as your likes strategy does amazing job. Maybe It would be possible to implement this together with follow/unfollow so the results would be double or triple for clients…

Usually what happens in here is that you post what and how you do it, and if it is of level 2 value, your post will be moved to level 2 and users with great value and knowledge will be upgraded too.

Make it likes a tutorial perhaps? Step by step guide.

Time to show some skills, and move up brother :slightly_smiling_face:

Sometimes though a post may be moved to lvl 2 and no upgrade of user takes place, but that is to protect software names etc.

But in your case your doing manual actions you should be good.

You’re right, maybe I should make a tutorial

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Hey sorry, I know this is probably everywhere on this site and probably differs from page to page. But what are the current limits your seeing? 100-149 f/uf a day? How many comments, how many likes? Thanks so much for your value!

If you have a success story you like to share. I will recommend you doing that publicly.
THAT is IF you want to. These days almost no one share a working solution brother. Just being honest. Good things never come for free. But yet again if you like to share your 2 cent. Do it publicly and get the credit you deserve for it. Again it is not up to me or anyone else tp judge if a content is lvl 2 or yet lvl 3 worthy. That is only for the admins to decide. But if it is good and alternative way and the community appreciates it, you may even end up in lvl 3.
But be aware, solutions shared in pm or publicly can easily leave a huge pattern, as everybody start using them, and the chances of it being shut down for is high.

Just my honest input for you my friend. Anyhow welcome to this forum and I wish great luck.

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Which session gives you the most followers? The morning, afternoon or evening one?

Which ever session I spend the most time liking. It’s currently the evening because I have more time to like (phd during the day lol)

Thanks for your information! How do you remember whom you already followed manually and then unfollowed? How do you avoid duplicates?

Do you provide this service for other agencies ?

No way of avoiding duplicates. I just try to target very distant hashtags and people.