How many followers do you get by doing manual actions?

Hello everyone,

Hope everything is alright with your businesses and everyone is doing great considering how hard it is right now to stay away from the blocks.

I was wondering what numbers are you getting back from manual actions and if your clients are happy with that?

Hello! I’m just starting to test. But from what I see is that you can really get 15-20+ followers by doing 50 follows a day. Which means that if you do 150 follows and 150 unfollows a day, you can gain 50-60 followers a day.

I tested this with “watercolour art” niche account and i followed only people that has watercolour art content as well, which means they are 100% niche relevant.

So let’s say 40-50 new niche followers a day by doing only 150 follows with an account sounds pretty nice?

Btw , an account i tried to follow with is just with 150 followers and free content. So imagine, if you provide better content, you are more bigger in terms of followers, you also do likes, comments and stuff like that, you can gain really more!


30-40% followback ratio is probably not that easy to achieve for most types of accounts.

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I grow 60-70 per day by liking an hour a day. You only need to like if your content is good


I’ve been getting my clients 8-25+ per day. Pretty sporadic but I’m confident once we hone in on quality source accounts that number will increase.

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I would say I get about 40 a day doing full manual interactions.

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Thats amazing! So you basically gain 60-70 followers each day just by doing likes? How many likes are you doing each day? And how big your account is that you like from?

I can’t say for certain how many likes. But I’m a fast liker lol

Anyways, thats nice results. Do you grow clients accounts this way or your own? Do you do only likes and no follow/unfollow at all?

8K personal account (mine) with only likes, no follow/unfollow

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Nice!! Well done! I guess you are under the limits like 200 likes per day maximum or is insta more flexible with manual likes ?

Thanks! But no, I’m guaranteed well over that. Sometimes I get the “couldn’t load feed” soft block. But it’s usually gone in a few hours. And my reach is still good/making top posts

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Nice to know it! Thanx, bro… I‘ll give it a try

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This might sound like a ‘dumb’ question (although, the only dumb thing is not asking questions when you don’t get it, amirite?)…

When you say “150 follows” and “150 unfollows” –

I assume you don’t mean follow and unfollow the SAME people but rather let older “followed ones” drop?

And if so, do you continue to “follow” accounts who followed you back, or do you also drop them?
And if so, second time, do you notice any negative lashback from that? (e.g. they also unfollow?)

Yes, older ones.

Well, we unfolow unfollow all people.

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Gotcha, thanks for replying!

About “unfollowing all” – how do does that, in your experience, affect brand reputation with the followers? I know that for big brands… where customer relationships are overrated… it doesn’t matter. But in my experience, especially when you’re building a quality following you intend to (repeatedly) monetize, it’s a different thing.

Curious to hear your take on this!

Well, its a good point. Maybe you could immediately start interactin with your followers after you followed them, like do likes, comments. Also you could notice which followers are liking your posts. So you could leave those and try to make with them connections, but then , doing unfollow would require more time because you will need to make sure that you are not unfollowing any of “good” people.

In fact, maybe you can just unfollow people which don’t follow you back at first, and try to build connections with those who follow you back you know…

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Is this a trick question? With our manual service we are seeing a wide range of growth numbers. Manual is no different than software. Follows are follows. We are consistently hitting 200 follows a day, 6000 follows a month. Growth is the % of people who follow back. That’s widely based on many factors, some in our control and some out of our control.

For our manual agency we have invested A LOT of cash into targeting. That’s in our control.

But the niche and content of the client is entirely our of our hands.

I’ve seen anywhere from 300 + to 2000 + (crazy easy niche).

But the most beautiful things I’ve seen is limited blocks, no AC’s, etc.


I see your name is from the fitnss niche, im at around 6.3k followres, care to share some tips on a personal brand as well :D?

DM me the name of your account and I’ll take a look?