How many followers do you get every 24 hour?

I was just wondering how the community is doing with gaining new followers. So if you guys could let me know, how many followers do you guys get on a daily average and how many accounts do you guys have? Thanks


75-500 followers every 24 hrs


42, the answer is always 42.


It depends on the niche and the quality of the account. My best performing accs gets 600+ day while other accounts average 100-200 a day.

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Wish i knew followers count doesnt matter when i started my journey 5 month ago, now im more busy banning ghost followers and trying to figure out how to recover accounts with bad engagement. Insted of worry about new follower, worry about engagement ratio.


Smart guy!

Been trying to do both! I want to figure out how to ban ghost followers, but also get my following up!

I think for many pages that are still small (like some of mine for example) the number of followers are much more important! The same with money, if you do not have a sh** ton of money, you think you’re happier earning 1mil and then once you have it, you notice that there’s no real difference and that you might even get unhappier. And that is the same, the money are the followers and the engagement is the happiness.

If you do it wrong, your money(followers) goes up and your happiness(engagement) goes down. This is more the short-term version, since your followers rises up quickly, just like the engagement maybe, but in long-term it will fail.

But, the happier(more engagement) you are, the more you will earn(more followers).

Sorry guys for my business mind haha thats how my brain works lol

I hope you guys got it


Big follower count ruin small account in my eye mate, i tell you this because i have notice with how the new top position thing work for hashtags, once i started banning ghost followers on account with less than 10k follower and the engagement ratio when from 5% to 10% i was be able to hit the explore pages and these account have started to grow naturally. Thats why im so worry now about that many dead followers some of my account got.


how many your ig accounts

I have a single account and I’d say 5 to 10 new followers per day but I don’t post often…

But how do you ban ghost followers?


I’d love to hear your method on banning ghost followers. I need to do some housekeeping on my account.

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There’s an app called unfollow you can use to find and block ghost followers

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600+ a day using only that one account to engage with target users?

Yeah, i need help on this. How do i get the list of followers dont have good engagement

Great to here. Could you tell me how many followers you block per day? I am in the same boat with ER. I need to block few ghost followers to improve my it.

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300 daily



Could you clarify on what 13char means?

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type something less than 13 character long and you’ll see what i mean.


I guess I’m lost here as well. Care to elaborate please?

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Try it ( more chars )

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