How many followers on Facebook per day?

At the moment I am only concerned with instagram but I would like to begin by extending my facebook network, but my question is: how many followers I expect a day with the use of mass planner?

My strategy will be mainly join groups and distribute my own pages.

The FB game is different than the IG game…

You would do better by posting to your FB pages, and then sharing those posts to FB groups, to get a higher reach for your FB page posts.

That is what i mean, what can i expect for results? Thanks for answering!

In one of my niches I’m using 30 accounts to share posts from 2 FB pages.

These 2 pages are very small (less than 1k fans), so this is a good case study, as they rely on the reach I get from MP.

Every day I share a post from each one of the 2 pages to ~100 groups.

Each one of the pages has a total reach of ~750,000 a year.

It’s not optimized, and I’m sure I’ll get even higher numbers,
but this shows that even without doing anything special,
you can get a nice reach.

Good approach.

Don’t forget to run Invite tool and invite those who liked posts to like the page. That should bring you new fans.