How many followers should I have?

How many followers should I have before going and sell my growth service?

I would say 10 k would be the minimum to impress average people.

10K is the old standard…I would say double at this point.

Most agencies out there that are reaching me have less than few hundred followers, while none of my accounts are below 20k… and they offer me growth service. If they are constantly doing this it means people fall for it.


this is what i thought too because we see it from a marketing forum perspective for a normal company or user if they are on top tier country they can be paying a lot for just simple services like content creation or hashtag strategy…


  1. Create your own website (mobile optimized), with own email domain.
  2. Offer your service up to 10 people for free/without any profit (depending on your budget and price of the service), to get a bunch of reviews.
  3. Put these suecessful reviews on your website.
  4. Start approaching people on Instagram via E-mail, give them the link to your website/show your previous results…

or he may offer a trial if he does not want to do the shit all free

Or that, it was just something that came to my mind once I read OP’s question.
There are tons of other and better ways to get a new clients.

If you’re gonna work for free make sure the exposure you get from working with that company is worth it.

Don’t just work with randoms because their word is worthless and they’ll usually try to take advantage of you.


There is no set amount.

The 10k benchmark mentioned in this thread is fine but it all boils down to how good you can sell yourself and your services. If you have great sales skills you can probably convince people to buy with a few thousand followers.

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You just need to sell :slight_smile:

Or just create some business accounts and write fake reviews, then you can send it to people, it’s the same but it will save you some time and money.