How many followers you get per day in warming phase?

How many followers you get per day in warming phase?
And how much following you set for fresh accounts in warming phase?

@alynxs, it depends…no two accounts are the same. For settings, on new accounts, you can start with following a maximum of 50 to 100 users per day, with a wait between 15-25 minutes, follow between 2-5 people per operation and delay of 30-60 seconds per each follow action. Also, on my new accounts, I don’t follow more than 10 hrs. per day, as much as possible I try to make my settings very human


My question was, how many followers you get per day, not how many followings are you doing.
For your settings, 50-100 per day, how many followers you get from these?
What follow sources are you doing? Personalities or indian, arab?

You did mention how many followings we set for fresh account :stuck_out_tongue: . Anyways, As @mommyfats mentioned, no accounts are the same and it really depends on the users you are following. To give a generic answer,. For a fresh account, I have experienced getting 10 followers for every 200 followings. That might be a bad conversion rate though. :slight_smile:


i have been doing 254-444 per day

And from 245-444 followings per day, how many follows back you get?

approx 80 followers I get per account per day. I have not been posting regularly either.

That’s pretty good mate. Im getting about 4 followers back at 100 following and im having posts on account, girl profile picture, girl name.

Change stuff around, try posting more engaging things, target other accounts/ other people, if it doesn’t work for a few days change stuff until you get good results.

I already tried many times changing sources. Can you please PM me some good sources as an example?

There’s no such thing as “a good source” at random, you need to find accounts that are in a similar area of interest to attract the same followers. Sure, you can probably go after random huge accounts and just get anybody, but you’re casting a wide net and may not get anything in return.