How many followers you get when u follow 100 people


I just follow 100 people, but just get 2 people follow back


Follow/unfollow has many factors that influence the followback results:

  • Niche of your account (some are more viral)
  • Content quality (and viral vs small niche content)
  • Current number of followers (people might be more inclined to follow an account which already has tens of thousands of followers based on reputation, compared to a smaller account)
  • Follow sources you choose (select quality follow sources)
  • Follow source filters (there may be different filters which you could use to refine who you follow)

So, make sure your account is high quality first, find out what is a reasonable expectation for followback in your niche and then pick high quality follow sources and filters.

But, only from experience with Instagram and not Twitter, generally you’d want at least 10% followback from sources to be worthwhile. Some niches might have no worries getting 40-50% followback from sources. For what I do, I make sure it’s at least 20% followback and am happy when sources are 30-40% or higher.


thanks for your reply.


Put an effort in the attractiveness of your posts / profile. Place niche hashtags below your profile pics. Generally speaking, you should get up to 10% of follow-backs from the profiles you’ve followed.