How Many Follows Until You Decide A Source Is Worth Keeping?

Back when we could all follow 1000 a day I used to make a decision on if an account was a good target after 200 follows. Obviously this can now take a quite a while, especially if testing a lot of accounts, since the changes, so what is everyone doing now?

If you set things up correctly, you won’t need to do this manually in most cases

I have it set up to drop accounts with a certain ratio, but it’s just I’m now unsure after what number of follows I should set this.

I did 200 before but if we are testing say 10 accounts and following both ‘followers of those accounts’ and ‘those who like/comment’ - to get each one to 200 follows would take months

Does that make more sense?

You can create 2 rules…

Example of what I do:

source is at the beginning but its fbr is really bad
fbr < 0,1
follow > 10
days > 1

source is not at the beginning and its fbr is not so good
fbr < 0,2
follow > 100
days > 14

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How can you do this on Jarvee?

Under follow settings, at the bottom of the page.
The variables are manageable there for followback ration.


if you cannot find tell that I will print the screen for you

At the moment I remove poor quality source when it’s under 0,1 FBR after 50 follows. When they’re all removed I go for remove everything under 0,15 or 0,2.


So wanted to feedback on what I have set-up. I currently am running…

fbr < 0.1
follow > 20
days > 1

fbr < 0.15
follow > 40
days > 1

fbr < 0.2
follow > 60
days > 1

Should I be increasing the days on the higher ones? Would that make the ratio more accurate as it would give accounts more than 24 hours to follow me back and be included before potentially being removed?

You will need to put in a lot of sources for these settings, this isn’t bad but it is very strict IMO. I would increase the follow to higher numbers… Maybe 50, 100, 250

I’m also curious as to what others are using

The main reason is it now takes far longer to actually get an accurate ratio from an account due to the 200 limit per day we are all using now.

Before I would follow around 100-200 before making a decision but if we have say 10 accounts and are following their followers and people who interact, that’s 2000 follows we need to do just to analyse those accounts properly which would take 20 days :confused: With more accounts it’s going to take even longer so I’m trying to find a way to find the decent accounts faster and no waste time on loads of accounts following hundreds with a low comeback.

Does that make sense?

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Yes, I definitely understand!

Give it a go and update us on your results :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry to bring back an old post but didnt want to start another as we can all build on this.

Just wonder what your guy’s set up are? (Removing poor sources)
How many follow or days are you guys setting the filter as?

Im doing 0.2 at 20 follows and in 7 days
then after 0.1 at 100 follows in 14 days

Im thinking the first few follows of a source will yield a higher follow back and then after as more follows happen to that account, it will slowly be less likely to follow back. But with the limits now (like the OP said) its hard to determine whats a good source or not running so few actions a day…

Thanks for bumping this, as I’ve been thinking about the same things recently. Although arguably finding good sources is even harder than ever.

I’m probably at the same numbers as you roughly. If the ratio isn’t high enough ~.15 for me after 25 follows in 5 days, then it’s not worth it, no matter how long you search it’ll still hit that point of failure and time wasting, which is more important than ever these days.

Probably very true as the most recent are theoretically the most active.


I’m curious how everyone handles FBR vs quality followers. It’s easy to find a source account that gets you a FBR over 20% but they could be all sh*t followers. There is a fine line it seems for client management where they want growth … but also quality.

EXAMPLE: If you get them 1500 followers a month and they are garbage followers that just follow back to anyone … then clients aren’t happy. If you get them 200 followers a month and they are all really good followers but its only 200 … then clients aren’t happy.

We try to end up somewhere in the middle so we keep a FBR over 7% and after 50 follows.


That’s a good point too, also important now considering the struggle.

Personally I think that’s my problem, filtering out that type of person, I’ve always aimed for “good” and the results are much lower. Often they unfollow more rapidly too, as they’re real and active and change their minds. I could follow anyone without paying attention to who and probably get much more, but as you say, they would be numbers and people who would never buy a product/contact for work/or whatever you’re doing with the platform.

7% seems great to me, but it’s also much higher than I’ve had for at least a year, due to everything we’ve dealt with.