How many friend requests do I send in 1 day in a warmed up trusted Facebook account?

If a Facebook account is warmed up and trusted, how many friend request do I send in 1 day to stop ban?

You can send 6-7 friend request in a day,but not at the same time, with a time break between your posts. And be sure that the people will not mark you as a spam. If more than one person marks you as a spam,you will be locked for a while by Facebook.

You can replicate a human’s behavior (your behavior) when you created your account for the first time.

What you do? You start sending friend invites (multiple in a short span of time) to friends and relatives (which are accounts already interconnected between them).

So you can start the same, by sending friend requests to accounts connected between them (friends and friends of friends).


It’s always better to start slowly and then increase the numbers after some time. Are you using some automation or doing this manually?

Try to keep it to the minimum and test to see how far your account can go.

The limits are different from an account to another you need to test.

Thanks. I plan to send 30 friends in 1 day.

Keep it less than 50 and somewhere between 20-30 in the beginning and then slowly increase.You never know when will facebook update it’s algorithm enough to fuck people up.

You can send 30 and then pause the next day. Then send 10 more the third day and then pause again.

And all this time, while pausing friends requests, you can engage with your newsfeed items (like things, watch videos, comment on pictures, etc).

Does anyone have the settings available for searching a page reactions and then adding the friends?

I cant get mine working :frowning:

Are you saying that you want to send friend requests to all users that liked or commented on posts from particular FB Page?

I want to send friend requests to people who reacted to a competitors page :smiley: