How many IG accounts can you create on one phone number?

What the title says :slight_smile:

After creating an account with phone number X, can I keep creating more accounts with the phone number? How many? I guess I’d have to create the next one using an email and attach the phone number later for verification.

Thank you!

I think 5 is the limit. I wouldn’t create more than 2 though.


Yes,5 is the Limit.

I have tried creating accounts on a phone number which was already used for 5 accounts some months ago but still after months passed,The number was not usable(Real Sim Card).

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I remember I once created an account with a phone number, and when trying the same phone number for a new account at the same day it was denied.
I am also having real accounts (not spam) on my own private number, and after several years I have about 10 accounts with that number.

this is based my experience on using a real sim on my country. you can create 2 per week… and use the number again 1-2 weeks later to create another 2

however the more you push it, the quality of the account degrades… i suggest to do max 4-5 per number

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There is a soft limit of 5 and a hard limit of 22-25 per device. It depends if you do the creation on the same device (without modification) or on “new” devices.

5 accounts.

13 char.

I agree with @pow, I wouldn’t go over 2 as well, especially these days when Phone verifications are very often.

I usually create 2 accounts per real phone number. However, recently I got a verification error, the code was not sent. Do you know how to fix it?

Scrapers on 4G or ip6v proxy?

i would recommend 3 per phone number to avoid been flagged quickly on IG side