How many IG accounts per domain?

Hi, new here!

First of all, glad to discover this community here, lots of valuable stuff. I read that posting the same link on many different IG accounts may get you banned. That’s understandable. Even though there are tips and tricks mentioned to overcome it, I read that it is still not safe to use a single domain/landing page for all your accounts.

So I’d like to know how many accounts do you personally use per domain? Or do you just have one domain, but create different landing pages? I plan to start CPA thing with 50 odd accounts.

Thank you

I personally only use 1 domain per account. I feel as this is the safest to do but here on this site there is a good guide on how to use the same link through a google plus account.

Unless you’re going to use some tricks to fool IG :slight_smile: you should use 1 domain per account. Adding same domain on multiple accounts is a huge footprint. If one account gets flagged… they’re all gone.

This won’t work. It’s still the same domain.

Thanks! Will try this method out.

That’ll be quite expensive. lol Hopefully google+ method works.

Worked fine for me, try it :slight_smile: