How many instagram accounts can i verify with 1 phone number?

Hi guys i am being hit by a wave of phone verifications.
I am currently using real sims.
Just wanted to know what are the limits how many accounts can i verify with 1 phone number ?

I have real SIM too and usually after 2 verifications I don’t receive sms anymore for 24h on the phone number, but sometimes I am abble to do 5 verificaitons in a row on the same number…


The answere to your question:
I usually do 3. But 5 is possible.

Side note:

Remember a good thing is always to use numbers from same location/country the accounts are used. That tends to help my account survive much longer.

Let’s say your costumers are in Thailand. Use Thai numbers. Either with real sims or online sms verification services.

Also upon creation of accounts this trick seems to work out well.

Always use proxies or vpn to mask the location the account is going to be used from.

Now if your costumer is in another country, let’s say Germany. What you can do is creating the account with let’s say a proxy and number from Thailand, now you will warm up the account with the same proxy. Once you hand it over to your costumer you will give them access to that proxy, which they will setup on their phone BEFORE they login to the account.

Now it does not matter where they are, as the original geo location of the account will remain the same.

They can use a different proxy or proxy provider too. As long as it is from the same geo location, you will be okay.

IG does not like geo changes. This helps prevent raising algo flag or password resets


I have been trying to use real sims but from another location, thinking that using real sims are much safer than any other sms pva services.

So basically you are telling me that using sms pva services from the same country that the account is running is safer than using real sims from another location ?

At the moment i do not have access to real sim numbers from the country the accounts are running. What would be the best option ?

I have done it before with smaller accounts but i do not want to risk anymore since 2 accounts got disabled recently.

That has had a big impact on my accounts to be honest. The IG algo is extremely geo sensitive. You don’t necessary need to use sms verification services. Let’s say your costumer is from Germany have him get a pay as you go sim, use a german proxy or vpn server while creating the account. Your client will hand you the code upon verification. You will keep using the German proxy to warm up the account and throughout the entire process managing the account and your client can use ordinary home ip or mobile data from germany operating on the account, as the geo location is still the same. If you wanna play 100% safe, you share the proxy settings with the costumer. Now you both coming from same IP :wink: see the point?
But that is one of many factors.
If your doing manual processing. Always keep within or even below daily limits. If you can push 200 max follows or unfollows through, keep it at 150-170 no need to go to the edge every single day. Look human and you should be good.
I highly recommend that you create acouple of accounts with the method and see for yourself. It might be well worth it for you.

I wish you all the best :slightly_smiling_face:

This depends on the Server Location.
Just like @Micky said.
If you are using a Russian Proxy you should use Russian Numbers
If you are using a German Proxy you should use German Numbers.

You should take that into your calculation which proxy works best for you.
For me its either Russian (Because the Proxys and Numbers are both cheap)
or German (Because i live here and can get a lot of free SIm Cards or Cheap Sim Cards that I can use for more then just Instagram Verification. (Email Creation / Twitter Accounts / Facebook Accounts etc.)


I absolutely agree with you that would be the best, but that is impossible for me since the accounts are mine and there is no way for me to get sim cards from the country of the proxy i am using.

Some accounts are 2 years old and others 1 year old. I am not doing F/U and i have minimum api calls i only post and use jarvee.

So instead of using sims from the country of the 4g proxy i thought maybe i could try any pva service or should i just use my sim cards that are from a different country.

Considering your suggestion about the ig algo being sensitive to geo, it would be better to use sms pva from the proxy country right ? If yes could you guys suggest me any trusted sms pva service ?

All the best to you too :slightly_smiling_face:

So let´s say i switch to a russian mobile 4g proxy, would it impact my account health ? Are the russian 4g proxies safe to use i have heard they do all kind of stuff and many ips are blacklisted.

How do you get free or cheap sim cards In Germany? Do you still have to register those free simcards under your name before you use them for verification?

Lebara is free. They are active for 6 Months. You have to verify all of them tho. That is German Law. Every Sim Card has to be verified. But its no Problem. You just have to talk to an Agent for 2 min to do it. You can order Lebara and Lycamobile on eBay as well for 1€ / piece if you want to buy them in Bulk. If that is just too much of a hastle i would use

I use real sims and I find that I can use the same number for the same account endlessly, but if I use a number on 2 IG accounts, I wont get codes for up to 7 days on that sim after that.

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Same for me! 2 PV per 1 real SIM per week.

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simply use Legitsms. com