How Many Instagram Accounts Should A Marketer Have?

Hi All,
I Am New To Marketing And Was Wondering
How Many Instagram Accounts Should A
Online Marketer Have?

I Would Like To Try To Run Some Offers
But Do Not Know How Many Accounts Needed
To Be Successful?

To be succesfull is not about the numbers ( in beginning of your career) and wanted to have 100 s of accounts. Its about understanding what you are doing. Testing, testing and some testing.

Then you want to scale.

So just start. Read at this forum as muxh as you can and start. Just start with a few accounts.

After that you can scale as much as you want.



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Running 1000 accounts will cost you around 1500€ monthly . Invest as much as you are comfortable with !

Will Do Quality
Quantity =
A Plus!:grin:

Ha Ha
I Shall Get Prepared!!

My friend makes almost the same money as me . He has only 2 accounts, I have way more… :wink:

Get 5 to start.

As 5 is max amount IG allows per device.

Grow them, test things, as you’ll see that something is working start scaling.

Dont worry about bans and difficulties, thats normal.

When i was starting i used my old (4y old) abandoned personal acc.

Got it banned pretty quickly :smiley: but still managed to get like 100 ppl per day to my site from it and some conversions.


As much as you can, 100+ 200+ 500+ even more,

But you need to focus on quality also,