How many instagram followings accept in one day?

Instagram didn’t allow me up to 50 a day what happened plz tell me

my Instagram account user name @must_mirpur1

that’s what support recommends as the minimum… by any chance, did you run the Unfollow tool alongside the Follow tool? and were you also using the account on the IG app from your phone or from another browser while you were doing the Follows with Jarvee?

You accepting new Followers or you following other users?

Did you get blocked or?

Do you get temporary block on the account? if so, there are a few things that could possibly cause it such as bad IP/proxy, too many API calls done by the account, aggressive settings.

Do you use a proxy or VPN on the account? or do you run Jarvee on PC with your home IP? Have you set up scraper accounts to help reduce the number of API calls on your main account?

if you are blocked you are most likely following too fast, try to give us more details about your settings/actions and we will try to help you. Also, give that account a few days rest and start again very slowly maybe 20 follow per day, and see how it goes.