How many likes and comments i can put at day?

My account is very old… it is a private account with 6 years, i always put more than 1500 likes at day… do you think i can arrive to 2500 for day?? and how many comments?? thanks

You didn’t specify which social network you are talking about, is it Instagram?

I’m sorry… yes it is about instagram

You can start commenting with 50 comment per day and grow slowly until you reach 100 - 200 comments per day, make sure to use spintext as explained here: How to create unique posts when posting to hundreds of places - spinning to the extreme

For the like tool, I never tried liking that much per day. Maybe another user who tried that can help you with that question.

today i putted 300 comments and i don’t have a problem…

You might get away with it for a day, two or a week, but eventually, you’ll get blocked if you keep posting that many comments.

That’s really a lot! For me, it’s better to be safe than sorry! :blush:

I’ll try to limit my likes to 1000 to 1200 per day. Almost 50 likes per hour. That’s just my method.

FYI, some of my IG account are few weeks old only.

Would be interested to know who has higher like rate per day. :sunglasses:

my ig account is 7 years old!!!

I like 1800-3200 Posts per Day

1800-3200 or 180-320???

1800-3200…sorry i have edit my answer

thanks very nice…no one problems?

No i update the likes last month from 2500 to 3200.

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Holy shit that’s a lot of like. I’m afraid liking more than 1k will get me banned. I have the account since Oct 2015 but not sure if that’s old enough to have more than 1k likes per day.