How many message I can send

Hello… I am started to use massplanner for my Instagram, I want to promote my works links to…the Instagram users …means non following extract members… by sending message separate… I have a query about how many message I can send in a day to the users… without getting problem for my account… can any body guide me…

You can send as many as you want until they block you! FYI, MP will not show the issue as an error code or a check mark next to the contact members module.

  • Don’t send spammy messages.
  • Use killer spintax
  • Start by sending the MP basic settings and increase by 2 per day until you no longer get that error code. and it’s spam pretty much ruined DM’s for everyone… LOL

You’ll be able to send about 50 messages per day, one message per operation with 20-30 minutes delay between operations .
As @wortime said, use spinning syntax. Maybe it would be good idea to start with 20 messages per day and build your way up to 50.

I’ve got great spintax, non spammy and using between 20-50 day and still getting “too many” errors and “blocked from using this feature”. So it’s going to vary from account to account.