How many of us will last till 2020?


That should become an IG Motivation / Entrepreneurship quote.

It is becoming a badge of honor to come to the forum and complain about the state of the Internet. Just looking at the home page, “how many will survive, brace yourself for this, giving up that”. It reads like an episode list of the Walking Dead.

In the end, the situation is always the same - some people will give up, other will continue and keep crushing it. It does not matter what happens to Instagram really.

I know people who are still rocking Adsense sites, doing SEO, doing CPA, heck, even doing Article Marketing and killing it. It is much like the stock market, people make money when its up and people make money when its down.

One just needs to learn to always adapt, don’t get comfortable with the current state of things and most of all - learn some basic money management.

The “look what IG got me” thread was a very good indicator that some people were heading for trouble sooner or later.


where did i mention “i’m complaining” in my thread ? it was just warning for everyone keep their eyes open for any upcoming update this weekend.


I think that MJ was generally referring to the tone of the titles at a glance. Don’t think it was a personal attack on your thread… :slight_smile:


That wasn’t personally targeted at you or your thread mate :slight_smile:


i actually didn’t see it as a personal attack i just want to clear myself !


You have been cleared :slight_smile:

I was more talking about the general trend of the where I see the general conversation going on the forum. We went from sharing tactics that work, to solving bugs and problems to “OMG the world is ending”.


I think that’s not bad, we have to comfort them folks at IG that their hard work paid off.
I bet they have the moanometer connected to this forum to check if they go in the right direction.


I’m considering these recent changes w/ IG to be like a wildfire in the forest. Dangerous, violent, many things will die. But whatever remains will flourish and all will be as it should be.


That’s a very human perspective, of course if the wildfire is due to a huge solar flare, everything on the planet burns and humans cease to exist. Remember when Google Plus was a thing? lol


Exactly that’s why you should place your eggs in more baskets…


not that "fine"but yeah it still works.

we have to adapt with what we got, I believe in developers, last step will be switch to manual and then maybe tik tok?
I do clients management and recently my main issue and waste of time is with the likes delivery.


I switched from FL to JV in July, and sure the learning curve has been harder and more stressfull than expected but isn’t that everything in business? Perhaps the golden days are over and cost are rising, but from an marketing agency perspective there is still a lot of growth to be achieved through automation of marketing platforms which otherwise would’ve cost a lot of marketing ad dollars.