How many of us will last till 2020?

Was thinking, seeing people struggling, having blocks, ACs, issues, contemplating closing their businesses… how many people will continue doing IG automation by the end of the year… last 5-ish months have been pretty brutal.

New LVL status on the forum for those who will survive this war?

Have a blessed sunday!


admins should introduce the new “highlander” badge :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Haha man :joy:

The ones that survive this will come out stronger!
We will just keep pushing and praying to the almighty JV Team to fix their API issues.


EB working fine

I don’t know if I will survive, not because Instagram is getting harder, but because it’s getting more boring each day, at least in my opinion. I need to find other stuff to do :smiley:


We will have to reinvest …mix from manual-automat, depends on the account

I thought you were having a lot of issues last weeks, were you able to fix your problems?

As @JackGagger pointed out, the majority of the people that are dropping out, have a heavy bias problem. Not understanding the underlying technology or not being able to do proper testing.

Yes operating on Instagram - from a marketer perspective - got more expensive both on infrastructure and testing setups and will probably even get more expensive.


yes i was 13 chars

Good to hear that things are working for you again.

Threw in the towel today. Canceling all Instances until a result is found or moving over to ML

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I still can’t understand how people charging 100-200$ or even 500$ per month running so many clients accounts for years can complain about costs being raised. They should have saved at least 1M$.



Love you man. So true, I’m agree with you :joy:


But think that our Lord (Lord Zuckerberg) take most of our earnings in exchange of gratitude, we owe him the utmost devotion :pray:

Gonna keep going but if nothing changes within less than a week gotta decide to close operations too :frowning:

I’ll be one of the last roaches left. Saved all my money during the good times. Been doing this since 2013. Will always find a way to provide value for clients. It’s more expensive and time consuming than ever before, but if you’ve ever worked a corporate job then you know this is still way easier and more profitable. The margins are still insane.

I wish you all the best.


yeah i figured my wording was poor, deleting it, english is still my 2nd language

Great to read someone with common sense :slight_smile: Even tho my income skyrocketed compared to my last job as a web designer, I still do not spend more. Which helped me starting new projects that were otherwise not possible or made it possible to survive times when big projects die off.


Honestly, are you a “botter” or are you a marketer? If you can’t find a way to transfer your knowledge of Instagram marketing (or social media marketing in general) into another area then I don’t know what to say…

Keep in mind that a lot of people jumped on the IG train just in search of the gold rush and “everyone else is doing it”.

Most of those are gonna back to having real jobs. It is part of the cycle of every social media and internet marketing trend.


100%, I agree! In fact, I was one of these people- I was looking for something to spend my time doing because my lack of decisiveness was making it impossible for me to do anything else.

I guess my point is, if Instagram messing around with everything is the reason for you ending your entrepreneurship endeavours, then entrepreneurship probably isn’t something you’re cut out for (which is 100% okay).

I’m only speaking from experience- I’ve been at this for around 4 years now and I know how brutal it can be to have things collapse (it’s happened to me multiple times) but the thing is, I’m still here, because I enjoy entrepreneurship as a whole.